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National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA)

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Stephanie Dakin

7.00 AM

Wake up and get ready for work.

8.00 AM

Leave home and drive to work.

8.40 AM

I arrive at the office, collect my computer and headset from my locker, and set up my desk for the day.

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9.00 AM

After checking all my emails I head to the café downstairs with some of my colleagues to grab a coffee.

9.20 AM

Update the day’s to-do list and continue working on the advice I started the day before.

11.00 AM

My Principal Lawyer asks me to research some legislation and provide advice on its application for their matter by close of business. 

12.30 PM

Lunch is the delicious curry my partner made last night. I eat outside in the sunny Woden Town Square with some of my colleagues.

1.30 PM

I continue researching and contact a client to ask some clarifying questions about our instructions. I follow up the call with an email confirming what we discussed.

2.30 PM

I proof my draft advice from this morning before sending it to the Principal Lawyer for second counseling prior to it being sent to the client. As a Treasurer for the Social Club, I spend some time replying to emails in the Committee inbox and updating our financial spreadsheets.

3.30 PM

A Senior Lawyer and I meet with a client to discuss their matter. After the meeting, I decide I need a sugar boost for the afternoon and make a pit stop near our branch EA, where the Chief Lawyer puts out lollies and fruit.

G:\All Staff\Communications\Graduate 2021\Day in the life\Final photos\Stephanie Dakin 2.jpg

4.30 PM

I email my research to my Principal Lawyer and let them know I have the capacity to help further on their matter if needed before moving on to the new matter I was allocated while on lunch.

5.00 PM

Drive home.

6.00 PM

Dinner. After dinner, I spend time with my partner and two cats. Usually, this consists of watching Netflix or playing a video game together.

10.30 PM

I read a few chapters of my book then go to bed.