Updating Results

Western Power

  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

Josh Capponi

5.15 AM

The sun begins to peak through the blinds as I hear the alarm ring. I jump out of bed ready for another day. I’ve always been a morning person. I start my day with a bowl of cereal and tend to my veggie garden.

6.00 AM

It’s summer. I jump on my bike and head to work.

Josh getting on a bike to work

7.30 AM

I’ve made it. Time to freshen up before I start my first day. I have some fresh clothes I left in my locker earlier in the week.

8.00 AM

Let’s get stuck in. Look’s like I’ve already received a few emails this morning. 

8.30 AM

Time to review any incidents that have happened overnight. In security, no news is good news but unfortunately it looks like I have some items I’ll have to follow up on. Hopefully I can make a solid start on these investigations before heading into our weekly security meeting.

9.00 AM

It’s a Wednesday. Time to update the Head of Function and the rest of the team with the statistics from the prior week. We reflect on the week and develop solutions to rectify any issues identified in my presentation.

Josh presenting statistics to his team

10.00 AM

I’ve got some work to do. I’ll drop back in with you at lunch time.

12.00 PM

Maybe I should arrive at work a little earlier and eat breakfast when I arrive. It’s midday and I’m starving! I’ve got some pasta in the fridge that I prepared earlier in the week. I’ve got 30 minutes for lunch, so when I’ve finished, I go for short walk to try and catch some sun and refresh my mind ready for the afternoon.

1.00 PM

Time for another meeting. The security team are meeting to discuss some future security upgrades at one of our most critical sites. This site provides power to vital community services so it’s important that our security measures reflect this criticality. This site has been selected as a result of a project I completed earlier in the year and will act as a trial before we roll-out upgrades at additional locations across our network in the future.

Josh having a meeting with his colleagues

2.00 PM

A new month has just ticked over so it’s time to update the heat-map I’ve developed. A heatmap is used to create visual representations of data in geographical space. I use heatmaps as a tool to display the density of particular datasets.  My Head of Function loves data visualisations, so being able to present this information in this way ensures that he can make an informed decision. These maps usually take some time to develop as I often have to organise and clean the data before it’s ready for mapping. It looks like this is going to take me through to the end of the day.

Josh working at his desk

4.00 PM

I’ve done my tasks for the day. Nothing urgent is due so it’s time to head home. I jump back on my bike and start to ride home. Fortunately, I live North so I’ve almost always got a tailwind to help get me home.

5.30 PM

Time to refuel and shower.

7.00 PM

With a full stomach, I sit down and play my guitar. Usually I’ll play something from Tame Impala but at the moment I’m learning some tracks from the Arctic Monkey’s debut album ‘Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not’.

8.00 PM

Time to get ready for bed. Usually I’ll spin a record before I drift off to sleep. Tonight I’ll be playing ‘The Weather’ by POND.