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Training & Personal Development at CSL

7.8 rating for Training, based on 16 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
Not only technical development but also personal/leadership development has been tremendously enlightening and fun.
Experienced, Test
I have been exposed to very few formal or informal training/development seminars outside of the graduate program.
Graduate, Melbourne
My training is on-the-job so have picked up lots of skills such as lateral thinking, client liaison, communication etc.
Midlevel, Melbourne
Multiple training modules about the company, its code of conduct, processes and safety measures etc. Within my team, I was eased into my role and was given the right number of modules to ensure I was up to speed with the knowledge and can take on responsibilities relevant to my role. I've also learnt a great deal of technical information, especially with the instruments and equipment that we have in our facilities.
Graduate, Melbourne
Development opportunities exist as a graduate, however beyond that I am not yet familiar.
Midlevel, Melbourne
Online training modules going through common procedures (e.g. gowning, standard operating procedures) relevant to many processes at the company. Formal training programs where one shadows a more senior colleague and learns from them how to perform certain hands-on and computer-based tasks are also present. I have mainly picked up hands-on skills, which I definitely lacked before starting my work here. This has been facilitated very well by the in-person training and supervision given by my trainer.
Graduate, Melbourne
There is a large volume of comprehensive documentation on site that forms the bulk of training. It can be overwhelming at times taking in the large volume of information, especially when getting started. Practical training is more hands on and supported by SMEs.
Graduate, Melbourne