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University of Western Australia (UWA)

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UWA/WAIS Swimming Analysis PhD Scholarship

This program aims to advance the understanding and effects of the dynamic wave generated while swimming and how swimmers can better optimise he use of this wave. Previous research using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models and initial testing has shown a good correlation for this effect, but the methods to measure this more accurately and assess across multiple swimmers and techniques is required. The approach will be to develop a means of using live testing methods, for example using active tow devices, velocity measurement devices and Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) in combination with video recording to enable measurement and live feedback of the inter-cyclical accelerations. The research will run in parallel to similar research streams occurring at the Queensland Academy of Sport and Australian Swimming.

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Interested candidates should have a bachelors degree (science or engineering) with research based honours or masters-level training Preference will be given to students specialising in sports science, movement analysis, and/or biomechanics if coming from a science stream, or students who have understanding of modelling and computational fluid dynamics from the engineering stream.
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