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University of Canberra

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Anna Fitzgerald

I have a deep passion to help vulnerable women and children stay safe.

My name is Anna, I am a 32 years old mother of 3 beautiful children. I am a survivor of adverse circumstances I find difficult to share. Since escaping I have spent more time in the past 5 years in and out of court and counselling than I ever would have imagined.

I have always had a passion for learning and developing myself. I have studied for many years to in areas of business management and administration trying to help rebuild myself, discover what drives me and ensure I would always be able to support my children. It has taken me years to finally find my feet again I have realised I want to make a real difference to people living with violence. Having navigated AVO hearing's, breach trials and family court proceedings, often with no legal representation, I have a deep passion to help vulnerable women and children stay safe and navigate this minefield with support and compassion.

Family violence is a national emergency, our nation lacks people with the skills, passion and drive to make a real difference.

I work full time to support my children, managing their schedules and try to look after myself but still, I want to do more. I have recently started studying law part-time, under the Juris Doctor course. I have already learnt so much about how to do legal research and writing and more about the foundations of our legal system and mechanisms for change. I have really enjoyed the course so far it has been better than I had expected and I find it energising studying and equipping myself with the tools to make a difference. I am excited about doing more study around family law, vulnerable people and gender equity and see myself one day becoming not only a community advocate but also legal advocate for women and children.

I am willing to do the work and I am dedicated to finishing this degree to becoming a practising lawyer. If I can be a change agent for even just one person, ensuring they are protected and safe that would mean the world to me. The reality is that I may not be able to complete my degree due to funding requirements. I want to make a difference I just need a leg up to get there to one day work for a charity or legal aid support service for those who fall between the gaps in our systems.