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Blessings Munyarari

Living in the environment, sustainability should be everyone's business and responsibility.

I am a young man aged 22 and l was born in Manicaland Province, Zimbabwe. Anything to do with the environment is my passion.

We depend on the environment; its status is determined by us as human beings. Living in the environment, sustainability should be everyone's business and responsibility.

I did a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in Geography and Environmental Science at Great Zimbabwe University in Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe. It is my great desire to further my education in geography and environmental science so that l would acquire more, new knowledge and techniques on how best to solve the global, regional, national and local environmental problems being faced.

If all people globally treated the environment as a resource borrowed from future generations and that needs to be returned in a good and valuable state, then we would be able to live in the environment sustainably. Most of the environmental problems like water pollution, air pollution and ozone depletion are caused by unsustainable human practices. The effects of some of environmental problems are health and life-threatening like ozone depletion which has exposed some people to skin diseases and cancer due to the ultra-violet (UV) radiation that is now being received directly from the sun.

It is my view that there is a need for education and behaviour changes and demand for programs in communities concerning the consequences of unsustainable human practices. It is also my great desire that l would acquire more scientific knowledge and techniques through furthering my academic career on how to come with effective solutions to the environmental challenges that are being faced globally, regionally, nationally and locally.

Through the integrated approach of educating communities, use of indigenous knowledge systems and use of scientific knowledge and techniques; the environmental challenges being faced can be solved.