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Master of International Relations / Master of Journalism

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Do you want to further target your interests and career aspirations?

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Degree Type
Masters (Coursework)
2 - 2.5 years full-time
Course Code
Study Mode
In person
Intake Months
Feb, Jul
Domestic Fees
$24,200 per year / $48,400 total
International Fees
$34,700 per year / $69,400 total

About this course

Do you want to further target your interests and career aspirations? A double degree Masters of International Relations and Journalism provides a comprehensive introduction to the nature of the international political system and some of the key issues in contemporary international relations; an entry-level qualification for a professional journalism career; and a mid-career course for working journalists seeking to extend their expertise and refresh the intellectual basis of their practice. The national and international orientation of the course optimises the contribution graduates make to their profession using a full range of media technologies and insights into approaches to international relations.

Our world is shaped by big questions about global justice, war, peace, social movements, and inter-state relations. The Master of InternationalRelations enables you to deal critically and analytically with such questions, providing a window into the dynamic world of 21st century politics.

This component of the double degree course explores the security, ethical, legal and economic dimensions of international relations.You will examine key issues in foreign policy, world order, European studies, management and terrorism, as well as the gender, development, migration and governance aspects of global politics.

The Master ofJournalism component provides you with the opportunity to work with award-winning journalists and academics with strong industry links, as you cultivate high-level skills in research and reporting across all media - print, online, radio and video - and explore the role of the media in contemporary society.This double degree course is well suited to people interested in working in journalism in the international field. It also enables those with an interest in international relations to combine that with communication skills. For instance, if you would like to work in communications in NGOs or United Nations agencies or the UnitedNations itself, this course is a good choice.

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