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Master of Artificial Intelligence

  • Masters (Coursework)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the ability to transform every aspect of our lives - from cars driving themselves to robots performing complex surgery.

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Degree Type
Masters (Coursework)
1.5 years full-time, 3 years part-time
Course Code
C6007, 0100566
Study Mode
In person
Intake Months
Feb, Jul
Domestic Fees
$33,600 per year / $50,400 total
International Fees
$42,800 per year / $64,200 total

About this course

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the ability to transform every aspect of our lives - from cars driving themselves to robots performing complex surgery. It can help to predict the path of bushfires, detect early-stage skin cancers, and counteract false and polarising information on social media. AI can help catch wildlife poachers, schedule predictive maintenance of public transport and infrastructure, and monitor the outbreak of disease to stop its spread. It informs business decisions, optimises operations, and drives outcomes of leading companies. The potential of AI is infinite.

As Australia's #1 university for engineering and technology,* Monash is the only one of the prestigious Group of Eight to offer a Master of Artificial Intelligence. Delivered by the best minds in the field, this course gives you the specialist knowledge and adaptability to move to the forefront of AI transformation. It empowers you to design, develop, and operate AI-based products and intelligent systems for the advancement of everything from healthcare, agriculture and education to manufacturing, law and financial services.

Fast track your Master's. There is no need for foundation units. You can jump right into the core units of the course, exploring topics such as deep learning, machine learning, natural language processing, human-computer interactions and modern optimisation techniques. At the same time, you will deepen your understanding of best practices and ethical issues of AI, as well as its far-reaching impact on organisations, societies and the world.

Through advanced practice units, you will have an opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills to real-world challenges. You can either complete a research project under the guidance of an internationally recognised expert (as a potential pathway to a PhD) or engage in an industry experience studio project. This hands-on training lets you put into action all that you've learned and ensures your job-readiness upon graduation.

The Faculty of Information Technology is located in Clayton, at the heart of the Monash Precinct, where world-class research centres and facilities create a vibrant backdrop for meaningful graduate study. Among these are the Laboratory for Dialogue Research, the Human-Computer Interaction Lab and the Centre for Data Science. And our Woodside Building for Technology and Design, ready to open in 2020, will offer the latest dynamic and interactive learning spaces.

With everyone now competing to implement AI in their products and services, the demand for AI expertise (deep learning and machine learning skills in particular) outstrips supply - and this booming job market naturally generates high pay. A Master of Artificial Intelligence will carry you almost anywhere in the world to do just about anything you can imagine. Maybe you'll create emotionally engaging customer experiences. Or track the activity of office workers to boost their fitness and productivity. Or even design interfaces to help humans control robots. Who knows what the future holds?

*The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2016-2019 by subject: engineering and technology

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