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International Excellence Scholarship

Key details

20% off tuition fees
Length of Support
Duration of program

About this scholarship

Is offered to eligible prospective international students applying for undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. The International Excellence Scholarship is the equivalent of 20% of your tuition fees for the duration of your study program. Offers for this scholarship are made when applying for an eligible on-campus program at Federation University Australia and no additional application is required.

Scholarship amount

The International Excellence scholarships are equivalent to 20% of your tuition fees.


The scholarship will apply for the normal duration of your program.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for the scholarship, you must be:

  • A prospective international student
  • Eligible to study in Australia with a student visa
  • Not have accepted, or be in receipt of, any other FedUni scholarship or bursary, or any other reduced fee arrangements at the time of entry to the University (with the exception of Federation University Accommodation Scholarships)
  • Not be in receipt of credit transfers or exemptions
  • Meet minimum academic English entry requirement and offered with no more than 10 weeks English pathway program (e.g. academic IELTS overall 5.5 with no band less than 5.5 for general programs);
  • Meet the following academic performance requirements:
    • Undergraduate degree program – overall academic performance with 'Distinction' in Year 12 (senior high school).
    • Postgraduate degree program – overall academic performance with 'Credit' in bachelor degree study from HE Section 1 University
  • Enrolling in an eligible program
  • Enrolling in a program at a higher level than your existing qualification
  • Studying full-time at a home campus of Federation University Australia. Home campuses are located in Ballarat and Gippsland. These scholarships do not apply to students studying at a Federation University Partner Provider teaching location.

Selection of successful applicants for the limited number of scholarships is competitive, and may require scores above the minimum requirements.

Eligible programs

To be eligible for a scholarship you must be enrolling in an eligible degree program. This is a program which is:

  • Delivered on campus at Federation University Australia
  • Registered on CRICOS
  • Delivered by coursework.

How to apply

Students will be automatically assessed for scholarships when applying for an eligible on-campus program at Federation University Australia. There is no need for a separate application. Students must commence their eligible program in semester 2, 2016, or semesters 1 or 2, 2017.

Accepting your scholarship

If you have an unconditional offer, you must accept the scholarship offer within four weeks of offer date. If you have an offer which is conditional, you must accept your offer after meeting the condition/s of your offer.


  1. As a recipient of the scholarship, you must:
    • Be enrolled in an on-campus undergraduate or postgraduate degree program by coursework – that is, studying at Ballarat, Beriwck or Gippsland campuses of Federation University Australia;
    • Maintain a full study load which enables you to complete your studies in the duration listed on your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) and an average grade of Credit in each progress review period of the degree, and not fail any courses of study;
    • Behave in a manner which upholds the positive reputation of the University;
    • Seek independent advice in relation to implications for taxation and/or effect of the scholarship on other government benefits.
  2. Payments will be made in two instalments per year, within 10-15 working days after Census date (31 March and 31 August) of each semester, upon meeting the conditions outlined in 1. You will receive 100% of your payment if you are completing 60 credit points in a semester. The payment will be adjusted on a pro-rata basis if you are studying less than 60 credit points.
  3. If you withdraw from a course of study after close of business on the Census date, you will
    • Be able to retain your scholarship provided you continue to meet the scholarship conditions;
    • Have your subsequent payment instalment adjusted to a pro rata payment for the next semester.
  4. If you withdraw from your degree after close of business on the Census date, or if you cease to study at a Federation University campus in Ballarat or Gippsland, you will:
    • Forfeit the scholarship and not be eligible to apply for a scholarship if you re-enrol at a later date;
    • Be liable to repay the payment for the current semester.
  5. The scholarship will be awarded for study in a specific degree and is not transferrable. Under exceptional circumstances the Executive Dean of the relevant Faculty may approve transfer of the scholarship to another degree.
  6. The scholarship cannot be deferred.
  7. If you take leave of absence from your degree, you may forfeit the scholarship and will be ineligible to apply for the scholarship upon your return from leave of absence. In exceptional circumstances the relevant Executive Dean of the Faculty may approve continuation of your scholarship on your return from a period of LOA.
  8. If you receive this scholarship, you are required to pay your fees due in advance listed in your International Student Offer and Acceptance Agreement, and your Overseas Student Health Cover. To continue receiving your scholarship into your second semester, you must maintain a credit grade average.

Right of appeal

The University regards any decision in relation to these scholarships as final and will not entertain any appeal.

Note: International Scholarship (Non-Australian Citizen)


Eligible Degrees
  • Masters (Coursework)
  • Female
  • Male
Eligible Study Fields
Business & Management
Creative Arts
Engineering & Mathematics
Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences
IT & Computer Science
Law, Legal Studies & Justice
Medical & Health Sciences
Property & Built Environment
Teaching & Education