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Deakin University

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Shakeel Ahmed

I got admission in Master in IT professional, Deakin University. 

What did you study at the undergraduate level and when did you graduate? What are you studying now? Are you studying and working at the same time?

Completed my Graduation (2012 - 2016)  in Software Engineering from Comsats Islamabad Pakistan. From 2016 to 2018 I worked as an Android Developer. Later on, I got admission in Master in IT professional, Deakin University.  It’s my first semester here and I am a full-time student here. 

What have been the most important stages of your life?

To me, the most important stage was to choose a country to pursue my education and get a Post graduation degree.  After lots of research and comparison, I chose Australia, the most livable and rapidly progressing country.  Another important thing is getting a smart job related to my educational field. 

How did you get to your current (or most recent) job position and how long have you been working there?

This question is not applicable to me as I am a full-time student here in Australia. 

What made you decide to progress with further study?

It would be no wrong to say, Technology changes in hours. This field keeps on updating and new technologies are introduced every day. In order to enhance my skills and increase my knowledge, I chose to pursue my studies after 3 years of gap.  In these 3 years, I got hands-on experience in my field. 

How did you choose your particular further study course (compared to others)? / Were you weighing up any alternative degrees or career pathways before choosing this qualification?

Currently, I am doing Master in IT with data analytics as my specialization. Data Analytics is quite an emerging field in IT and very few universities are offering this discipline. I came far away from my home country (Pakistan) to get the best possible knowledge and skills in this field.

What was the process to get accepted into your course? What were the prerequisites?

To get admission in Deakin University as an international student, I was supposed to provide a bank statement, Proof of Good English (IELTS , TOFEL , etc. ) and Graduation degree related to IT field in order to get enrolled in post-grad degree.  Furthermore, I was supposed to have a valid passport to get VISA. 

What does your study involve? Can you describe a typical day? (if it’s difficult to describe a typical day, tell us about the last thing you worked on?)

Well, my schedule keeps on changing according to university load I mean, it depends on the workload I am assigned by the university. These days, I am going through the exam days. The schedule is pretty tough, as University goes through its subject content quickly and students are supposed to catch up everything with fast pace.

Will this course be beneficial in your career? Where could you or others in your position go from here? Please explain your answer.

Definitely. This degree will be beneficial for me in the coming time. Firstly, Australian degree is recognised world-wide, Secondly, Data Analytics is a field related to data and undoubtedly digital data has been increasing on a daily basis.  Big Organisations like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, they always need data scientists to manage and handle their huge data. Students with this degree can go to any big organisation.  

What do you love the most about your course? 

The most important I think I love about my degree is making prediction models based on digital data. These models can be implemented in robots can help us in various fields. Robotics field is going to play its role in the very near future. Moreover, getting useful data from raw data is quite fascinating for me.

What are the limitations of your course?

Well, I have not found any limitation so far. However, when I see around, students are struggling to cover their units in the university, as they do not have a strong programming background.

I would say, the university must put a restriction in this degree that, only experienced programmers are welcome for this degree. This statement can help many students in various ways

Which three pieces of advice would you give to a current undergraduate student? They don’t necessarily have to be related to your studies, or even to one’s professional life.

  • Never chase only good grades. Enhance your skills in your field and be practical. Don't stay limited to books.
  • Keep yourself up to date with current requirements of your field in the market.
  • Try to implement your knowledge in real life. and spread your knowledge.