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Susbin Raj Wagle

I was exposed to the field of clinical research through my courses.

My name is Susbin Raj Wagle. I am from Nepal and came to study in Australia in year 2014. I successfully completed Master of Biomedical Science from Curtin University in December, 2015.

During my study and worked time, I was exposed to the field of clinical research through my courses; that is where my interest developed in this research field. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge these courses provided and I found myself immersed in the world of research.

This research and lab field is, to me, one of the fundamental areas of science in modern day society. But, I knew this study is not sufficient to be a genuine researcher. Hence, I decided to continue further study, and I enrolled in a Master of Philosophy at Curtin University on 1 May, 2018. The normal length of this course is 2 years. Throughout the course period, my study and research will be focused on drug delivery and encapsulation. This course and topic I choose is a solid step towards my future career as a researcher who understands and appreciates science and technology.

My ultimate goal is to purse a PhD (under present research topic and supervisor) and return back to my home country Nepal as in recent years, the Nepalese government has paid more and more attention to higher education and scientific research, which is becoming better and better.