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Elizabeth Fonseca

I am fortunate to be able to cross paths with many healthcare professionals and am inspired and motivated to be part of the industry.

Hello there! My name is Elizabeth. I studied Business Management for my undergraduate degree and have been in the recruitment field for the healthcare industry for the past 3 years, working with acute hospitals, nursing homes, day rehabilitation centres and non-profit organizations. Part of my job is to understand the needs of the different healthcare organizations, the nature of the different departments and specialisations and the job scope.

Not only have I helped many individuals and organizations with their career and manpower needs, I have also witnessed firsthand the urgent and rising demand for healthcare professionals across my country, as demand for healthcare services increases.

I am fortunate to be able to cross paths with many healthcare professionals and am inspired and motivated to be part of the industry. Not on the sidelines as how I was during recruitment, but to be able to make a direct impact and a difference to the lives of my community. The ability to perform work plays a huge role in the lives of people I interact with on a daily basis. I choose Occupational Therapy because I want to help a person to overcome their disabilities and increase their quality of life by regaining the ability to engage in activities that matter to them.

I have also participated in job shadowing sessions with Occupational Therapists - in an acute setting (inpatient and outpatient) and in a transitional care setting (home visits). Through these sessions and interactions with the Occupational Therapists, I have gained a deeper insight into the role and the different potential areas for specialization.

In addition, I have been volunteering with a community hospital as a Mobility Assistant (prior to the start of my post-grad course) for their group mobility programme, where I am given the opportunity to participate in the rehabilitation activities together with patients, to motivate and encourage them. Throughout this programme, I was given a glimpse of the importance of rehabilitation and how therapists play an important role in it.

Now that my postgrad course has started, I am even more convinced that this is what I want to do. Learning has never been so interesting before - it's like there's not a day that I dread going to school. First time in my life, learning in-depth about the human body? Yes, tough, but I love it! I also appreciate the paradigm shift in my perception towards studying ever since I discovered my passion for Occupational Therapy. I am excited about everything studies related these days!

With my postgrad qualification, I intend to work in a transitional care setting or community hospital to help improve patients' function for home, work or leisure. If given the opportunity, I'd really love to serve in overseas missions too!