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Anjan Shrestha

I want to change the contemporary situation of power and energy of my country.

I Anjan Shrestha, Nepalese citizen by birth, wish to pursue a Master of Professional Engineering (Electrical Engineering) and my preferred area of study is emerging power systems.

Having a penchant towards science and technology from an early age and the immense support of my parents, it was intriguing to choose engineering as my major faculty. That's why I chose electrical engineering for my bachelor's degree.

During my bachelor, I learnt a lot of interesting subjects including engineering machines and design, advanced power systems, instrumentation, control systems, microprocessors, switchgear and protection and power plant equipment and design, industrial power distribution and illumination, power electronics, utilization of electrical energy, high voltage engineering, transmission and distribution system design, wind energy conversion system etc. to name some.

On getting to learn all these subjects, my enthusiasm towards electrical engineering escalated. After completing my bachelor studies, having a keen interest towards gaining the essential practical knowledge under the wide domain of electrical engineering, I got engaged working for a reputed data center in Nepal- Cloud Himalaya Pvt. Ltd. as an electrical engineer. Occasional training and workshops made available by the company itself also helped me learn a great deal of skills and knowledge as an electrical engineer.

Having been born in a developing country like Nepal, I saw almost every kind of shortages. We all know that physical infrastructure is the first pre-requisite of development, but Nepal faced and is still facing huge infrastructural issues, leaving detrimental effects over educational and financial development of the country. Nepal needs urgent development of infrastructures like roads, water supply, power supply and lots of other construction works. It has been immensely blessed with varieties of natural resources but has never been able to utilize these resources to the fullest due to the lack of sound technical expertise.

All these reasons highly motivated me to be an electrical engineer. After my postgraduate qualification, I want to change the contemporary situation of power and energy of my country.