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Master of International Business and Entrepreneurship

  • Masters (Coursework)

Learn how to succeed as a leader, development manager or start-up founder in global business.

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Degree Type
Masters (Coursework)
2 years full-time
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In person

About this course

If you aspire to be a senior leader of a multinational business, a business analyst, business development manager or consultant, or even a founder of a global start-up, Curtin can help you develop your skills in international business and entrepreneurship.

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What you will learn

  • engage critically and reflectively with contemporary knowledge and skills relating to international business, entrepreneurship and start-ups and apply to professional practice
  • develop personal creativity and innovation skills and utilise these skills effectively to generate innovative solutions to complex issues in international business and start-ups
  • make evidence-based judgements and sound business decisions through sophisticated evaluation and synthesis of information from a range of credible sources
  • communicate professionally and effectively, through written and oral means, to diverse stakeholders within the ethical and professional frameworks of international business and entrepreneurship
  • consider profitability, feasibility, sustainability and impact of the business environment and society when using new and established technologies including business simulation software in international business and entrepreneurial communications and negotiations
  • actively seek and engage in opportunities for ongoing learning that builds the body of professional knowledge in the fields of international business and entrepreneurship and contributes to their personal development
  • evaluate the impacts of international business and entrepreneurship in a global system and apply international standards and practices with in a global context
  • engage in ethical and culturally competent management practices to work effectively in culturally diverse team environments within global organisations including start-ups
  • work professionally and ethically both independently and collaboratively, complying with appropriate legislation and protocols and demonstrate leadership and entrepreneurial skills as appropriate

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