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Curtin University

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Master of Engineering Science (Mining)

  • Masters (Coursework)

Learn to design, operate and manage a mining operation, and improve your mining engineering knowledge.

Key details

Degree Type
Masters (Coursework)
2 years full-time
Course Code
MC-MINING, 078759G
Study Mode
In person, Online

About this course

Mining engineering involves applying skills and knowledge in science and technology to safely and efficiently extract minerals from the earth.

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What you will learn

  • apply scientific, engineering ,technological and management principles to mine development, plan and manage mining projects or mine geotechnical engineering projects extending the knowledge base through research
  • think critically and creatively to generate innovative solutions and apply logical and rational processes to analyse mine design, operational planning and management systems and processes or mine geotechnical design and develop suitable engineering processes and solutions
  • access, evaluate and synthesise mine planning and design or geotechnical engineering information from multiple sources
  • communicate in ways appropriate to the discipline of mining engineering, using the written word and oral presentations
  • apply information technologies and mining software tools to generate engineered solutions to mining and design problems and continuum and discontinuum modelling/software tools to generate engineered solutions to geotechnical design problems
  • demonstrate responsibility and self-learning and team-skills by applying critical reflection, evaluation and proactive managing and working in teams
  • identify the constraints and impacts of mine design and management decisions and geotechnical systems in the global environment and identify and apply local and best practice ethical and regulatory standards to design and management processes
  • demonstrate respect for cultural diversity in professional life and in the implementation of projects in a culturally diverse environment
  • work in accordance with professional standards and demonstrate responsibility towards the broader community.