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Graduate Diploma in Predictive Analytics

  • Graduate Diploma

Increase your understanding of data analysis, computing and visualisation.

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Degree Type
Graduate Diploma
1 year full-time
Course Code
Study Mode
In person

About this course

This course will provide you with an in-depth background to predictive analytics, data security, data mining, business applications and computing, including basic concepts of data analysis and visualisation.

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What you will learn

  • assess the theoretical background basis of data analytics and data processing of unstructured data to produce a qualified interpretation of the data
  • evaluate the various approaches to data analysis and develop a strategy for adapting them to a specific situation
  • evaluate and synthesise information from a variety of sources and develop a plan to optimise data management, processing and prediction
  • communicate effectively with a wide range of people from different discipline areas, professional positions and countries; able to communicate data analysis findings in a variety of ways via written, verbal or electronic communications
  • evaluate and select appropriately from existing and emerging data analysis and prediction technologies
  • engage in continual updating of knowledge with regard to new and emerging prediction analysis concepts, issues and management strategies
  • evaluate, interpret and apply the international standards related to the predictive analytics industry. Solve problems with a global perspective
  • identify the ethical issues related to protecting the rights of individuals from diverse cultures including Indigenous perspectives and how that maps to ensuring the quality and integrity of data collected and analysed
  • apply lessons learnt in a professional manner in all areas of prediction design, demonstrating leadership and ethical behaviour at all times

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