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Graduate Diploma in Human Resources

  • Graduate Diploma

Design solutions for a range of workplace HR issues.

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Degree Type
Graduate Diploma
1 year full-time
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Study Mode
In person

About this course

In this course, you will develop a broad understanding of human resource theories and functions.

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What you will learn

  • synthesise relevant theories, concepts and techniques and apply them to designing solutions to a range of workplace-based human resource and management issues.
  • critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of various conceptual models relating to human resource management functions; assess contextual variables in determining which models and theories best inform possible solutions to human resources problems
  • find, assess and synthesise disparate information from multiple sources to make supported judgments and decisions about HR issues.
  • explain and model effective and empathetic communication practices relevant to diverse audiences and human resource management contexts
  • describe and apply various technologies, recognising their benefits and limitations when applied to human resource management functions and activities.
  • demonstrate initiative in finding new information; apply adult learning principles to their own and others personal and professional development
  • compare and contrast international and domestic human resource management practices and industrial relations contexts; describe how human resource practices in developing countries differ from those found in developed countries
  • critically evaluate and model the contribution cultural diversity can make to improving business and professional practice.
  • demonstrate leadership, ethical practice and professional integrity when working within a team and independently.

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