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Graduate Diploma in Cyber Security

  • Graduate Diploma

Tailor your career in IT and become skilled in network security, fixing vulnerabilities and managing cyber risks.

Key details

Degree Type
Graduate Diploma
1 year full-time
Course Code
GD-CYBSEC, 077327G
Study Mode
In person

About this course

Cyber security is an increasingly important field in today's society, with unprecedented amounts of data stored on computers and other devices by citizens, business and government organisations.

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What you will learn

  • assess the theoretical concepts involved in data encryption and intrusion detection and deploy them in a modern day Information Technology system
  • evaluate the various approaches to encryption and security detection and develop a strategy for adapting them to a specific situation
  • evaluate and synthesise information from a variety of sources and develop a plan to optimize computer security, data encryption and intrusion management
  • assess computer security management processes and explain them in written and oral form to both technical and non-technical audiences
  • evaluate and select appropriately from existing and emerging encryption, computer security prevention and intrusion technologies
  • engage in continual updating of knowledge with regard to new and emerging computer security concepts, issues and management strategies
  • evaluate and interpret The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, The Association for Computing Machinery and the Australian Computer Society standards related to data encryption, computer security protection and management
  • understand the ethical issues related to protecting the rights of individuals from diverse cultures and how that maps to ensuring the security and integrity of data in an Information Technology system
  • develop policies and practical procedures to improve the security setup of an Information Technology organization