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Graduate Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety

  • Graduate Certificate

Develop theoretical occupational health and safety skills and discover new knowledge and novel ways of solving problems.

Key details

Degree Type
Graduate Certificate
6 months full-time
Course Code
Study Mode
Online, In person

About this course

This multidisciplinary course provides specialised advanced training for graduates or OHS practitioners, with an emphasis on risk and safety management, accident prevention and safety technology.

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What you will learn

  • apply and integrate the knowledge and principles of occupational health and safety and practical skills required for the prevention of injury and occupational disease in the workplace environment
  • apply logical and rational processes to critically analyse issues relevant to OHS and think creatively in the generation of solutions to problems
  • access, evaluate and synthesise relevant information and evidence from a range of resources available in the field of OHS and use appropriate information and communication technology practices
  • communicate effectively with a range of people including community groups, workers, employers, statutory authorities and their representatives and other professionals.
  • use scientific and technological methods with an understanding of their advantages and limitations
  • demonstrate ability for self-directed and lifelong learning through the pursuit of professional development opportunities in occupational health and safety
  • recognise and apply international standards and perspectives within OHS
  • demonstrate an appreciation of cultural diversity including the impact of cultural and social factors of OHS practices
  • demonstrate professionalism and capacity for leadership and be able to work independently, collaboratively and ethically

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