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Graduate Certificate in Indigenous Australian Cultural Studies

  • Graduate Certificate

Gain understanding in cultural diversity and the ways of Indigenous Australians, communities and organisations.

Key details

Degree Type
Graduate Certificate
6 months full-time
Course Code
Study Mode
Online, In person

About this course

This course is for those working or intending to work with Indigenous Australian people. Indigenous Australian Cultural Studies (IACS) offers both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students the opportunity to gain an understanding of the cultural diversity and ways of Indigenous Australians, communities and organisations.

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What you will learn

  • work in culturally appropriate ways and apply cultural protocols and Indigenous Cultural competencies as defined by the Centre for Aboriginal Studies that acknowledge, empower and develop Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders' rights to fairness, social justice and human rights.
  • critically analyse and reflect on issues of cultural significance in order to work effectively with Indigenous Australian people and Indigenous communities
  • select, evaluate and integrate information from various sources which is inclusive of Indigenous perspectives
  • implement best practice and culturally appropriate ways of working when communicating with Indigenous people
  • apply self-directed learning strategies and reflect critically on your life-long learning in partnership with Indigenous peoples
  • contextualise and evaluate local and national Indigenous issues alongside international pan-Indigenous issues and the impact of globalisation
  • understand the complexity and diversity of Australian Indigenous cultures, perspectives, identities, spiritual beliefs and their relationships with one another and apply understanding to professional practice
  • work collaboratively and ethically with Indigenous people recognising Indigenous organisational structures and using best practice models

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