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Graduate Certificate in Geography Teaching (OpenUnis)

  • Graduate Certificate

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Graduate Certificate
1 year full-time
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What you will learn

  • apply interdisciplinary concepts and methods to understanding the environmental, social and economic aspects of development, extend the boundaries of knowledge and understanding about the environment in the context of a politics of scale, understand the approaches most appropriate to the teaching of geography
  • think critically, creatively and reflectively to generate innovative solutions to environmental imperatives and apply the most appropriate approaches to the teaching of geography
  • access, evaluate and synthesise information from various sources and integrate it for understanding environmental concerns and the most relevant teaching methods
  • communicate effectively through a variety of written, oral and other formats to diverse audiences in ways appropriate to the teaching of geography to children
  • use of current technologies when applied to finding information and making decisions
  • utilise lifelong learning skills and strategies for understanding geography and its impact on human activities and the ecology, use current teaching knowledge and skills to enhance the teaching of geography
  • describe the global context of environmental issues, such as climate change and the need for a change to sustainable development, explore best international practices for finding solutions, apply these concepts within a regional and local context
  • recognise the importance of cultural diversity, including indigenous perspectives, in understanding and responding to environmental and social imperatives
  • work independently to find effective policies and ethical solutions to geographical issues, apply knowledge and skills gained for teacher preparation and or classroom practice to improve the teaching of geography

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