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Graduate Certificate in Finance and Investment Analytics (OpenUnis)

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Graduate Certificate
6 months full-time
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What you will learn

  • understand the economic foundations of financial markets and how these foundations can manifest in reality via market data
  • analyse market data in a logical, rational and critical way and correctly identify the information in the data
  • obtain, evaluate and apply relevant econometric techniques to market data in order to obtain useful predictions to aid business decisions
  • communicate effectively with a wide range of people from different disciplines, professional positions and countries; communicate financial data analytic findings via both verbal and written media.
  • evaluate and utilize appropriate technologies to construct data analytics for financial market data and to compute useful predictions that aid business decisions
  • appreciate the need for, and develop, a lifelong learning skills strategy to pursue continuing development
  • recognize the global nature of financial and investment analytics and apply international standard practices and skills to produce excellent prediction outcomes
  • practice appropriate data collection methodologies in finance industry with consideration of and respect for cultural diversity, indigenous perspectives and individual human rights
  • apply lessons learnt in all areas of finance and investment analytics, demonstrating leadership and ethical behaviour at all times

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