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Graduate Certificate in Development Planning

  • Graduate Certificate

Learn how to shape the development and land use of cities, towns and regions.

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Degree Type
Graduate Certificate
6 months full-time
Course Code
Study Mode
In person

About this course

For human settlements to be sustainable and successful, they must be properly planned. Urban and regional planners play an important role in shaping the development and land use of cities, towns and regions, and promoting public interest in the development process.

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What you will learn

  • identify and apply the principles, theories and concepts of urban and regional planning and draw upon appropriate knowledge of social, economic and environmental factors within a governance framework to practise planning, particularly in the Western Australian context;
  • examine and challenge theories and practices of urban and regional planning, and generate creative solutions to planning issues
  • access, evaluate and synthesise information in the context of urban and regional planning
  • communicate effectively in writing, graphically and orally with various audiences within a university context
  • use appropriate technologies to gather and interpret research and data
  • engage in self education within the Urban and Regional Planning profession to continue self development
  • compare and contrast developmental processes in local and international contexts
  • recognise and consider the needs and aspirations of the diversity of populations served by urban and regional planning, including the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and the cultures of other minority ethnic groups in Australia and internationally
  • work ethically as individuals and in teams using skills central to the practice of integrated planning development

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