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Postgraduate student – PhD Scholarship in Development of a Real-Time Toxic Elements Analyser using X-ray Fluorescence

Key details

AU$7,000 per annum
Length of Support
3 years

About this scholarship

In today’s rapid growing cities the need for accurate real-time monitoring of toxic elements in food, water and soil becomes very important.  Currently the required accuracies of many toxins cannot be met with existing analysers. The X-ray team that is part of Sensing and Sorting, Mineral Resources Business Unit, CSIRO – has developed a technology called UltraGold (UG) that enables real-time detection of gold at parts-per-billion level in mineral processing streams This project involves the further development of this technology in order to lower detection limits for a range of  toxic elements.

The student will start with a study to establish what elements the new analyser should focus on and develop a good understanding of XRF analysis. You will be tasked with analyser design, prototype construction and testing.

Your duties/responsibilities will include:

  • Computer modelling of radiation, using Monte Carlo tools
  • Designing, building and operating experimental equipment
  • Using radiation sources and detectors, including X-ray tubes and high-resolution solid-state detectors
  • Data collection and analysis using python
  • Undertake regular reviews of relevant literature and patents.
  • Produce high quality scientific and/or engineering papers suitable for publication in quality journals.
  • Prepare appropriate conference papers and present those at conferences as agreed with your supervisor.
  • Contribute to the development of innovative concepts and ideas for further research.

To be successful you will:

  • Have a First class Honours and/or MSc in Physics or Mathematics and be accepted into a PhD program at an Australian University.
  • Be experienced in at least one scripting or programming language e.g. Python
  • Have demonstrated ability to work effectively both independently and collaboratively with others in a team environment.
  • Demonstrate excellent written and oral communication skills in English.
  • Have the ability & willingness to contribute novel ideas and approaches in support of scientific investigations.

Length of Engagement: 

  • Up to 3 years (concordant with existing Research Program Training award or scholarship)

Applications are open to:

  • All Candidates

Functional Area:

  • PhD postgraduate studentship

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