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Paul Mugambi

My journey studying at Crawford has been an excellent, interesting, and fantastic.

What degree are you studying at Crawford School of Public Policy?

I'm pursuing a Masters of Public Policy at Crawford School. I study this because I wanted to find answers as to why policies are not being implemented effectively. I was also looking to find out ways in which I can engage citizens to participate in decision making.

My journey studying at Crawford has been an excellent, interesting, and fantastic because of the teaching methods and academics support. We are being trained to become analytical, to become critical thinkers - not just to accept anything. It's really a fantastic way of doing things and also the way the lecturers have enabled us to learn in an inclusive way. They go the extra mile to ensure that the student performs in terms of academics but also are able to understand to the point where they can become practitioners.

What characteristics or skills do you hope to gain by completing your course?

There are a lot of skills which I have gained from the Crawford School. The first is improving my writing skills and ability to understand the academic way of writing, which is a very vital tool for any individual. I've also started even in on my own blog questioning things. I'm no longer accepting just what I’m being informed from the government or other institutions, I know look for other perspectives on that issue. I've been able to improve my understanding about how to engaging communities in decision making in better ways.

Crawford has a lot of support skills ranging from even presentation, communication and also networking. I have had wonderful interactions with the multicultural set up of students and lecturers.

My study has been a great journey. I tell any prospective student to not think twice. Crawford is the best place to be. It is a place whereby you will come a better professional, a great intellectual, a great analyst, and also a great policy maker.

I am visually impaired and the Crawford School has fully accommodated me. Crawford has made me feel included and that I can participate just like any other person. The Lecturers have also been very supportive by giving alternatives and flexibility. I say again, anyone intending to take a course at Crawford School - this is your home.