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Sioney Therese Villamor

At the end of my studies, I want to immediately expose myself by applying as a Project Manager.

My name is Sioney Therese Villamor and I am passionate about leaving a positive dent on this planet. I am an international student from the Philippines and I am a single mom of a beautiful 10-year-old baby girl. For practical reasons, I have to leave her behind in my home country under my parents' care. If I were to describe my life here in Australia for the past over three months, I must say that my life has been a roller coaster ride and yet fulfilling.

I am currently taking up a master's degree in project management at the Central Queensland University Melbourne Campus. Way back home, I have been engaged in multiple projects in the ACT company that I worked at and I've always been a team member. I know deep inside me that I am capable of contributing more and not just being a team member. This ignited a burning desire for me to take on a formal study in this field. I wanted to become a Project Manager. I have witnessed first-hand the setbacks and comebacks of each project, the need for continuous improvement and most importantly how each Project Manager should possess excellent leadership skills. These are the reasons why I am passionate about my field. I want to make a difference in the lives of my team members and the people that I work with. I want them to feel that as much as their output is valued, they themselves are valued and worthy to be rewarded of their hard work. I've witnessed myself that most companies, not all, aren't giving much focus on their people's welfare and I want to change that in my own ways.

Being on my first term as a project management student allowed me to realise the importance of how I should give great emphasis on laying a strong and stable foundation in my knowledge acquisition. With this knowledge that I'll bring with me after completing my studies, I know that I will be well-equipped when it is now my time to show what I've got to the industries that I'll be working at.

In the past three months that I've allowed myself to take a deep dive into acquiring knowledge, I've learnt invaluable lessons which included the experiences my lecturers have come across with when they worked at the companies in their industries. To me, experience is the best teacher and by knowing these experiences from my lecturers, I already have come up with a strategy in mind to ensure that I don't make the same mistake as a Project Manager.

At the end of my studies, I want to immediately expose myself by applying as a Project Manager in an ACT or construction company. Lastly, I will share my whole experience as an international student and as a Project Manager in the making to my daughter to let her know that realising her dreams is possible and that she is limitless.