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Sarah Raymond

My chosen majors are two areas I see as imperative to be a good leader and manager.

I am currently undertaking my MBA, with a focus on innovation and change management. My reasons for beginning my MBA were to broaden my theoretical knowledge of management in able to put into practice. My chosen majors are two areas I see as imperative to be a good leader and manager. I am working full time and studying part-time (last semester I had to do both full-time.) My GPA last semester was 7.0, scoring three High Distinctions out of three. To date, my GPA is 6.556. I have also been awarded a CV22 Graduate Certificate in Management (21/03/2016) and CC52 Graduate Diploma of Business Administration (19/11/2018).

In undergoing my MBA via distance learning, I have seen how this social process of innovation can really help and change someone's life. My interest in social innovation has come from my postgraduate studies and I aspire to extend these learnings into my career in the not-for-profit medical research sector. I believe as part of the next generation of graduates, we can utilise our technological advances to help complex problems find new innovative solutions. I feel that I aspire in my role as a research manager to be a social entrepreneur by enabling collaborations across the public/private hospital divide and integration with universities in order for better outcomes for patients.

As part of my professional career, I am a member of advisory committees and groups for both Queensland University of Technology, and the University of Technology Sydney. I have championed the need for not just skills and knowledge of the students, but creative thinking and innovation as required units in their undergraduate programs. I feel that in our society, new graduates need to be able to be resourceful and inventive in their problem-solving and provide new solutions and ideas to the workforce.