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Renae Campbell

This postgraduate study experience has been rewarding in so many ways.

My name is Renae Campbell and I'm a mother of two young children, an HR Manager and am currently in the final stages of my MBA through Central Queensland University. I originally commenced postgraduate study after my second period of maternity leave and initially intended to use it as an opportunity to 'close the gap' in my resume from taking time off from full-time work to have a family (I still worked part-time in my discipline).

I am very passionate about lifelong learning but I'm particularly passionate about learning opportunities for professional women who take a 'career break' in order to raise a family. I noticed early in my studies there was very few opportunities for financial support for postgraduate studies (except for international students) and even less opportunities for financial support for women returning to the workforce. I am keen to help this improve in the future and have personally found increased confidence through the knowledge gained in my studies which have greatly assisted in my personal and professional growth.

Another great benefit of my studies has been the development of my research and analytical abilities which again, has been of great benefit in my professional life. Upon completion of my studies, I plan to use my qualification to further accelerate my career by branching out in a different direction. My discipline to date has been focused on human resource management and I am interested to continue to challenge myself and expand my skills in a broader business context outside of HR. Corporate / Business Services management is of particular interest to me and I believe my MBA will assist in supporting my transition into this field.

Regardless of the direction my career takes, I will forever be proud of raising small children, working full time and studying at all once and believe if i can do it, anyone can. This postgraduate study experience has been rewarding in so many ways both professionally and personally and I'm excited to graduate and celebrate this massive achievement!