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Progress Maharjan

I am studying Masters of Information Systems to get closer to my ambition.

Hi, my name is Progress Maharjan. I am an international student from Nepal studying in Central Queensland University, Brisbane, Australia. My aim is to become a top System/Networking Security expert. Thus, here I am studying Masters of Information Systems to get closer to my ambition.

I believe having technical skills in this blooming era of innovation is one of the prerequisites to gain a competitive advantage in any sector. I was born in 1994/12/12 and in the 90's the technological sector emerged with a lot of milestone inventions, therefore it was called "The Decade That Invented the Future". During my late teenage years, I started to understand that change is inevitable, especially in the technology sector. It became something I was fascinated with.

I have started my postgraduate studies at CQU. I like the combination of courses for the MIS program, as it consists of not only IT units but covers major management aspects as well. I can learn and broaden my knowledge about network security by choosing networking and information security as my minor in my master's degree. By choosing this I will be enrolling in units like Network Routing and Switching, Advanced Network Security and Network Design. These courses will provide me with the necessary skills and knowledge helping me get closer to my ambition.

So far I have really liked the education process and university culture in Australia. In the first term, I expect to score good grades as I have already been introduced with all IT units in my Bachelor's degree (Bachelor of Information Management). I am also ready to learn subjects like Project Management Concepts and IT Communication Skills for the first time. I have also made friends from a lot of different countries like Myanmar, Mongolia, India, Colombia and Thailand. I am happy to be studying as an international student as it gives me global exposure and provides me a chance to learn about many different cultures as well. Talking about my expectation, I am glad that I am learning much more than I expected.

After my postgraduate qualification, I see myself working in network security field in Australia to gain some experience. However, in the long run, I will be working in my home country as it lacks IT experts, especially in networking and system security.