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Oyunlkham Luvsandavaajav

I am enjoying learning about Australian social and cultural values, traditions and reasons behind economic development, while improving my academic English.

I, Oyunlkham Luvsandavaajav, am a postgraduate student from Mongolia. My postgraduate course is Master of Business Management hosted by Central Queensland University.

I have completed my bachelor study at the Osaka University of Economics, majoring in Business Administration and Finance. Following my graduation, I have started my career as Economic Officer at a diplomatic organization in Mongolia. After 2 years, I have changed my career to overseas sales representative at an automobile company to challenge myself. This job gave me profound knowledge on customer service, sales, marketing and cross-cultural differences. I was fortunate enough to work under a charismatic leader who had a wide range of business and market knowledge. I was motivated and learned from my boss when I dealt with contracts on partner companies and the customers. This experience broadened my knowledge on corporate law agreements, and business activities in the fast-paced working environment. After 6 years of experience in the corporate world, I was interested in doing my master's degree. I have chosen Master of Business Management because I found that I have reached a certain level, and this is an exact time to pursue my graduate degree which can lead me to the next step in my career. I am on my second term of my study and enjoying so much. Teaching methods, education system and curriculum in Australia are totally different from Asian countries. This course is adding specific business skills to my toolkit such as critical thinking, leadership skill, business strategy etc. My favorite subjects from last semester are International Human Resource Management and Digital Marketing. If I had not come to Australia to study Master of Business Management, I would never have a chance to meet the lecturer who have been taught 'Global Business Marketing' in 8 different countries. In addition to that, since I was educated in Asian country, I am enjoying learning about Australian social and cultural values, traditions and reasons behind economic development, while improving my academic English.

After my study, I will return to my home country and start a business in the education industry. The quality of education and business environment indicators are directly reflected on the economic, socio cultural development of the country. According to these indicators, my home country is listed far behind in the ratings from the international development agency. For example, we all know book is the "window to the world". However, children in Mongolia don't have a chance to read a book because there are not many children books in Mongolian language. Thus, I would like to start with translation and publishing of children books. I have launched my own blog sharing my academic knowledge and experience from abroad as well as promoting how education is important, why children need to read more, why we need good books for them. I am not only thinking about the possibility of profit but also responsibility and return to the society. I believe my course can help me to reach my ultimate goal.