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Mandeep Chahal

I read somewhere" mental health starts with me" and that is very true indeed.

Hello everyone. my name is Mandeeep Chahal, a registered mental health nurse. I was employed by SA health 3 years ago in a mental health inpatient unit working as a registered nurse. Since then, I have seen myself learning and growing in this field.

I started my graduate diploma in mental health in Feb 2018 and by Dec 2018, I completed it. I have seen a lot of personal development since I have been in mental health and realised this is where I belonged. I still remember, I read somewhere" mental health starts with me" and that is very true indeed. I have learnt how people are living with it, how they deal with it and how we, as professionals, work, deal and help them to deal with it. I wish I could add my contributions to the lives of those living with the illness and I can see myself working and achieving the results that I want.

I pan to continue studying and keeping my spirit alive and achieve more development in the field. I started my master's degree in March 2019. I believe by the time I finish my master's, I will be planning to undertake further studies in my field and keep the work going. I hope to learn, gain qualifications and skills required to thrive in my field, to keep the passion burning and to keep standing out of the crowd to help people in need.

Not only will I be able to help them recognise their early signs but also try my best to reduce the stigma attached to mental health. I have noticed that I had the stigma and was always scared to work with mental illness. But since I have joined the team, I have seen that stigma washed away. I hope to keep it up.