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Khadijah Hurst

In future, I hope to use my qualification to run my own business, help others run theirs or continue studies in a PhD.

My background is in humanities and I have an Arts Degree in Writing and Media Studies completed in 2012. During 2012, I established a childcare centre in a building leased from the Qld government. It was open from October 2012 through to December 31, 2017, and catered to the niche market of the Islamic Community. It was the only one of its kind in Queensland, and possibly Australia.

Unfortunately, Shajarah Kindy closed due to our building being resumed by the Qld government and demolished in January 2018 to make way for highway upgrades. In February 2018 I began studies in IT as I could see that whatever business I may find myself in in the future, IT knowledge is required.

Through my previous studies and in running a small business I had a good working knowledge of many IT programs but I have a 'need-to-know' how things work and what goes on 'behind-the-scenes' so to speak and it's not enough for me to simply use technology but I need to be able to build it or at least know how it is built. This is the case especially because every business or organisation needs a web presence as well as Information Systems of some sort to function.
If I open another business I want to be able to manage my own IT. I like to be self-employed; if I have IT knowledge I can help others run their businesses by providing advice and technical knowhow in helping them build websites, apps and in using technology for the benefit of their business.

I am in my first full-time session of the master's in IT at Central Queensland University after studying two part-time (50-75%) sessions at Southern Cross University in IT in 2018. I have found that I just love it! I also gained very good results with a GPA of 6.8 for 2018. I feel that my strong basis in language and systems thinking is enabling me to excel and hopefully bring new ways of thinking to the field.

Currently, I am learning Java Programming, which is completely new and challenging to me as a technical unit, but I can see possibilities for its applications as Java is all-pervasive in Information Systems and on the Internet. Systems Analysis and Design is another area which I find extremely interesting and see in future use for myself and in putting to use in helping others build their businesses. Cybersecurity is another interest. I really enjoyed studying it at SCU and achieved a grade of 97% for the unit.

In future, I hope to use my qualification to run my own business, help others run theirs or continue studies in a PhD (subject currently unknown). I am also interested in renewable energies and energy supply generally and would like to apply my skills in the energy/power industry if the opportunity arises.