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Eleanor Ball

The biggest thing that has surprised me in my degree is how much I'm enjoying it.

My area of study is secondary classroom music teaching (Master of Teaching - Secondary). I'm a passionate music enthusiast and have been playing an instrument or singing since I was about five years old. I am an avid singer and I play piano, clarinet, flute, violin and trombone. I believe in sharing music with as many people as possible. I share my passion with other likeminded people in choirs in both my local area and in The Australian Voices choir. I have a love for performing and being able to entertain others. I'm currently a private singing teacher and one of my greatest joys is watching my students grow and learn as musicians and as people too. This is why I'm so passionate about becoming a music teacher.

The biggest thing that has surprised me in my degree is how much I'm enjoying it. I was expecting it to be difficult and stressful, but I've found that I'm really enjoying the content and my lecturers have all been wonderful people. We have all been warned that because we are postgrad students, we will be held to a higher standard than when we did our Bachelor degrees, however I've found that I've been maintaining higher grades than when I was completing my music degree. I would recommend doing this degree to anyone who has a passion for teaching. It's taught me so much so far and I'll honestly be a bit sad to see it end. It has been a very heavy workload, and so I have had to pull back in other areas of my life, but I believe that it will all be well worth it when I've completed my studies.

With my postgraduate qualification, I intend to become a classroom music teacher in a high school local to me. I'm hoping that I can also teach an English class as this is my second teaching area, and another area that I'm passionate about. I'm looking forward to being able to contribute to the school I find myself at and the community in that area. I'm especially looking forward to taking part in the organisation and execution of school productions.