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Domanik Sabrus

My field of study gives me the opportunity to help others strive to be the best version of themselves.

My name is Domanik Sabrus. I began this journey as a mature aged student after surviving a life-altering accident due to another driver's negligence. I spent four months in hospital and years in physical therapy to regain the functionality of my left leg. This adversity took away my career and led to a loss of friends, support networks, which led me to question my identity. After some consideration I decided to take this adversity and forge from it a new purpose that offered fulfilment, that engaged my passion. It had always been a dream of mine to attend university and despite some early challenges with finances and physical ability, I enrolled in my psychology degree.

My field of study gives me the opportunity to embolden and enhance the quality of life and help others strive to be the best version of themselves. Being a first-generation student, I had limited support, but at the same time, I had very high expectations of myself which I met at each step. I completed my four-year sequence in three years, including an international exchange in Europe where I participated in placements in a multicultural centre and an asylum seeker centre. I achieved in the top 15% of graduates and joined the Golden Key honours society, graduated my bachelor with distinction, was awarded first-class honours and received the Australian Psychological Society prize for academic achievement for being the first in my cohort.

I learned about the human experience, the different ways of being, different thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and what motivates us. I also learned a great deal about myself during my undergraduate degree which helped me face down my own self-doubt and accept my own ability, drive, and fire up my ambition to help others achieve functionality, strive for their potential, or equip them with the tools to better manage their own well being. I learned that support networks are fundamental not only to well being for others but also to personal achievement, particularly in the flexible delivery undergraduate program that our university offered. Through this networking, I helped others where I could as the student representative to the university for my year group and in turn gained valuable support networks and forged new friendships. I feel less like I have gained a qualification and more like I have grown into myself.

Upon graduation, I hope to work with complex disorder presentations in an acute care setting. I want to use my education and my own characteristics to contribute to the potential for wellness in individuals and within society. I would like to work toward public policy settings that aid in reducing isolation, building supportive networks and contribute to the reduction of stigma for mental health. I'd like to support the well being of men and boys who are unfortunately less likely or able to ask for help for both health and mental health concerns. In short, to be the best I can be.