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Cassandra Scoble

I am a working mother and I value my education so much.

I am a working mother. I have 3 boys at home who all primary school-aged children, and I value my education so much because I want to show to my children that work conquers most challenges.

I am a financial adviser, and I am passionate about my career path and field of study because I want to help people to prepare for their futures. I believe that the planning and implementation of a strong financial plan will ensure success for clients in their future, or safeguard their assets (or themselves) should the unimaginable happen.

I have completed my Bachelor of Financial Planning and I thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience. I crave the knowledge and I found that what I enjoyed most was the recall of information that came at the times I needed it. My expectations were probably a little more relaxed than they needed to be towards the end of my degree, I did find the last few units quite challenging, though enjoyable. In particular, I enjoyed completing the Project unit as one of my electives. The opportunity to study a topic that was interesting to me and important to my industry was thrilling.

I am now working towards gaining a more broad understanding of all aspects of business. I have chosen Human Resources as my next education path because I feel that having the right resources within a business is essential to ensure and efficient practice, and I would like to develop the skills to assist other people to reach their career goals in our growing business.

By completing an HR Graduate Diploma, I feel that I will gain the knowledge of how to deal multiple workplace situations that will allow me to expand my own Financial Practice while also providing a great service to my clients.

With my postgraduate qualification, I would like to build upon my existing knowledge so that I can support other people in excelling in their own careers.