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Bianca Dimopoulos

Having worked within the critical care area of nursing, I am excited to pursue this career path.

It is with great pleasure I commenced as a postgraduate at CQUniversity in March 2019. I studied the course Clinical Ultrasound. This ran from March-October 2019. Continuous education and learning was a necessary part in acquiring critical thinking skills and allowed us to discover new ways of relating to people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Health is a universal language. As health care and medicine continually grows and changes with new discoveries, we as health care workers grow too. As a Registered Nurse for the past 6 years and having just completed a Graduate Certificate of Emergency Nursing, I have an excellent foundation in healthcare and I have developed an eagerness to further my skills, seeking opportunities within other avenues in healthcare in order to help others.

Having worked within the critical care area of nursing for just over 6 years, I am excited to pursue this career path, as it will extend my personal and professional development and avoid stagnation and assist me to reach my full potential. I am dedicated and hardworking within all aspects of study, employment and life.

I believe the graduate certificate within clinical ultrasound will enable me to influence the Gold Coast community and its health, as my previous experience as a registered nurse allows me to deliver optimum patient care as well as being a safe practitioner. Through constant patient assessment, the ability to be hands-on and my excellence in critical thinking, working in the emergency department has allowed to develop. I would be privileged to provide optimum healthcare. I am empathetic and trustworthy, with an excellent bedside manner and communication skills.

As clinical ultrasound is an important tool used for patient diagnosis, this course has allowed me to improve service delivery by increasing patient safety and efficient patient care at the bedside, whilst also being a valued extension to the medical community. Clinical ultrasound aims to provide optimum health outcomes for patients and increased patient satisfaction and I believe I will be able to deliver this to a more than satisfactory level.

My experience as a senior nurse within the emergency department and working within clinical areas such as triage, my clinical skills are pertinent to being an autonomous practitioner and leader. Through critical decision making and teaching others, I am able to be diverse in a number of clinical scenarios and remain up to date with best practice. I intend to implement these qualities.