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Anna Anderson

I have a mission to make a difference in patient care and the families I have the privilege of working with each day.

Hi, my name is Anna Anderson. I am 22 years of age and work as a Registered Nurse in Paediatrics. I am currently studying a Graduate Certificate in Clinical Ultrasound, although have recently completed my Bachelor of Nursing at CQU and was privileged to be a student studying through an amazing university so close to home, with so many inspiring lecturers. I am absolutely loving every minute of working as a Registered Nurse in the Paediatric Ward at my local hospital in Rockhampton. I thrive through helping sick kids and their families, making that difference each day. After just 12 months of paediatric nursing I decided I also really miss the learning aspect, hence I decided to start a Graduate Certificate in Clinical Ultrasound, while continuing to work as an RN. This new learning journey is giving me more insight into what I am exposed to each day as a nurse, allowing me to be qualified in bedside ultrasound skills that I will be able to use in my current position. I enjoy learning away from the textbook and CQU offers this in so many aspects across health and medical courses.

I have a mission to make a difference in patient care and the families I have the privilege of working with each day. I am enjoying learning the techniques and theory behind sonography. It has really exposed me to a different aspect of healthcare and nursing, one that I have always been interested in but never looked further into. Since starting this course I have a new interest and hobby in sonography that has fulfilled my passion for continuous learning all whilst I am still able to work in a field I absolutely love walking into each day.

I aspire to be an inspiration to those dreaming of becoming a nurse. I look forward to one day teaching the nurses of the future and sharing my dream in their learning journey. It gives me great strength to be able to build on my qualifications especially so close to home at CQU. I have a passion for learning and growing in what I love to do, and I really look forward to sharing my passion for nursing with those around me. I often reflect back on a quote whom a lecturer so inspiring to every nursing student she taught once said; "educate to inspire and dare to be different". It really touched me in a way I never thought anything ever could. It has given me the drive and enthusiasm to put 110% into every challenge I embark on and every opportunity I am faced with.