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Yarra City Council

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Harrison Georgiou

7.45 AM

My day starts when I reluctantly dismiss my last alarm, open my eyes and slouch out of bed. Once up I am lively and ready for another productive day at work.

8.45 AM

Leaving for work I walk to the corner of my street and hop onto the first tram I see. Living close to work has its advantages, while I don’t get to listen to many songs on the way it only takes me 10 minutes until I arrive.

9.00 AM

I make my way to my desk and say good morning to my team, turn on my computer and check my emails. I use this time to plan out my day, assessing which customer enquiries and traffic designs I will be working on. I also determine if any of them require site visits and if I can visit multiple locations during the one trip.

10.30 AM

After the morning traffic dies down I book a council pool car and head out to site. I use this time to visit locations that I will be designing new traffic treatments or have received enquiries about the current condition of the street. While we can use online maps and internal data, it is always helpful to visit these sites in person as these sources are not always up to date.

During typical site visits I take pictures and measurements of road and lane widths. This helps me to follow up and respond to enquiries as well as accurately design new traffic treatments. Customer enquiries can vary anywhere from complaints about the speed and volume of vehicles to the safety of pedestrians at crossings.

Yarra City Council Graduate Harrison Georgiou pedestrian

12.30 PM

One of the toughest decisions that I have to make on a daily basis is, what’s for lunch? Most days I look around to my colleagues and hope for some inspiration. Working on Bridge Road there is almost too many choices when it comes to food.

1.15 PM

After enjoying an authentic Japanese meal, I return back into the office and swiftly get started on one of my allocated traffic designs.

This traffic treatment previously underwent community consultation and is required to control vehicle speeds to improve pedestrian safety. This can be achieved by constructing a kerb extension, narrowing the entrance into the local street. While our main priority is safety I consult with internal teams including Strategic Transport, Open Space and Waste Management to provide a holistic approach and the best outcome for the community.

Yarra City Council Graduate Harrison Georgiou community

3.30 PM

Team meeting: While there is always communication amongst the team, our fortnightly Creative Showcase allows us to all come together in the one meeting room. Our Creative Showcase is a time for us to discuss difficult enquiries and the larger tasks we have been working on since last meeting.

4.30 PM

After our meeting I go back to my desk and continue working on my traffic treatment design.

5.30 PM

As it gets closer to the end of the day I receive less emails and calls. I use this time to finalise any outstanding tasks and write down what is required to be completed another day.

6.00 PM

I check when the next tram is coming, shut down my computer and head downstairs to the tram stop.

Yarra City Council Graduate Harrison Georgiou tram stop

Once home I am greeted by my overly excited dog Bella, she conserves her energy all day to prepare for this one moment. After work I choose to exercise either by running around on the hockey field or by working out at the gym.

I unwind and finish the day by watching new episodes of my favourite shows.