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Nif Islam

6.30 AM 

Waking up to my phone alarm blasting ACDC, got out of bed and prayed Fajr (morning) prayers. Took a quick shower, prepared and had some coffee while browsing through Facebook and the weather today.

7.42 AM

Walked to the station and hopped on to the express train towards work reading the holy Quran and then watching the highlights from a cricket match on my phone. Getting off at Parliament headed straight for more coffee to my favourite coffee place.

8.40 AM

Started my day with checking emails, updates on Teams, and a quick note on things to do on OneNote. Gave a quick call to Phil and discussed on an IT issue, a calculation method (going through a few standards) and two projects I'm assisting him with. 

10.15 AM 

I have my eyes on a set of mechanical drawings, spec sheet and excel calculation model -  trying to determine how to make the noise compliant to a staff kitchen from a fan coil unit with limited ductwork between the closest outlet and the unit. Limited ductwork and space meant limited acoustic treatment can be done. As soon as Derek (my design lead on the project) got off another call, called him to discuss. 

11.40 AM 

Got a call from a colleague to discuss a project I worked on a while back and explained a calculation I did at the time. Also shared some notes I took from the site while going for a measurement on the project to assist him with the project.

1.00 PM 

Lunchtime! I usually do an intermittent fasting which makes lunch the first meal of the day for me.  Went out and grabbed some Mexican food and got back to our lunchroom. We did the newspaper quiz (like we often do) and quickly prayed the afternoon prayer before diving into work again. 

3.15 PM 

Took some printouts for a meeting with another design team and brainstormed before walking in. Double checked if I have taken everything I needed and went forth to the meeting.

4.30 PM

Got back on my desk from the meeting and pushed on with some more mechanical noise calcs before calling it a day while listening to a few of my favourite Bangla rock music. 

5.15 PM 

Hopped onto the express train with the busiest rush hour travellers on board. Texted my family and listened to some more music on my way back home. 

6.30 PM 

Dragged myself to get up and get into my car and headed straight to the gym. It was back and biceps day today and I had to hit my PR on deadlifts this week (couldn't do it on the last 2 back sessions). Kept thinking of it on my way there. 

8.15 PM 

Got back home from the gym, took a shower and prayed. Straight after that started cooking dinner. Marinated some chicken thigh and breast fillet mix with a variety of spices and some champignon mushroom and stir-fried it. 

10.15 PM 

Prayed the last prayer of the day (Isha) and jumped on to the meal I prepared while watching Brooklyn99 on Netflix. 

11.30 PM 

Set up an alarm on my phone, called my wife for the 4th and final time for the day (we have a 5 hours time difference) and chatted for a while before falling asleep.