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Shahriyar Mirza

VMware is a company that has a customer-centric approach which really resonates with me as an individual.

What's your job about?

The rapid adoption of technology is driving a rate of change that is disrupting business models, cultures and economies around the world. This transformation is providing platforms for businesses to expand their market opportunities and disrupt traditional business models. VMware is a technology company that empowers organisations in digitally transforming to today’s modern world.  

My role consists of me working within a fast-paced and exciting environment. My focus is on identifying customers that can benefit from partnering with us to utilise our technology. Being in this industry, it is required of you to be on top of the newest revelations in the technology industry. Working at a company like VMware means being part of a team that views problem-solving as one of the major components of our work. The diverse organisations I work with, from financial services, retail businesses to healthcare providers, means that no day is the same. Ultimately my role is to deliver our customers value and business outcomes by being a great listener and using my problem-solving skills to really understand the customers' needs and requirements. I think one of the biggest reasons for me being in sales is the sheer enjoyment of interacting with people.  

Lastly, something important to me is workplace culture. Workplace culture is a notion a lot of organisations stick on walls around the office. Here at VMware we really live those values. It says a lot about an organisation that encourages you to complete a mandatory 5 days of service learning per year. This means I am able to impact my community directly be it assisting the less fortunate handing out care packages to help to build a school in Cambodia. Now that’s making a difference in the community!

What's your background? 

Just before joining VMware I completed my Bachelor of Business degree where I was majoring in finance and marketing. Studying commerce made me realise the importance of a company generating revenue and sales is one of the key drivers and at the forefront of a business’s growth and success. I also came to realise the impact of technology within the fields I was studying. In finance the emerging industry that uses technology to improve activities in finance known as “fintech”. The growing role of technology in the field of marketing such as digital marketing and the use of data to understand consumers. This made me come to the realisation of the role of technology in today's business landscape. Further, I was working as a sales consultant within a luxury retail boutique, so I was really looking to take my acquired sales skills set into the corporate environment and more specifically the IT industry. And here I am living the dream!

Could someone with a different background do your job? 

Although I’ve somewhat begun my journey in corporate sales, I would highly encourage everyone to at least have a gig once in their life in a sales role. It might not be for you or it just might be your long lost passion. Nonetheless, sales develop vital skills that can take across all aspects of your life and professional career. You are fundamentally the CEO of your ‘own’ business. A career in sales ties your efforts directly to the results you can achieve. You control the outcome and success with the amount of effort you are willing to put in.

What's the coolest thing about your job? 

VMware is a company that has a customer-centric approach which really resonates with me as an individual. Its every year here we say it’s the best time to be a part of VMware. We have ambitious and lofty goals for the coming years. And one of the major factors to achieve its goals is bringing in young talent and investing in them as the organisation grows. You discover your path. You have the flexibility and most importantly the support of the organisation to be able to uncover your strengths and what you enjoy most. The program's innovative and immersive training approach is proven to provide the skills, knowledge and mentorship that you need for a successful career. It inspires me to be working for a company that empowers its people and organisations to achieve more. Talk about leaving your mark. 

What are the limitations of your job? 

If you are easily disheartened or have a tough time dealing with rejection, a career in sales may not be for you. Being in sales is like riding a constant emotional roller-coaster. One moment you may be ecstatic that you had a great call with a prospect or be it closing a big deal the next moment you may be rejected because a customer opted to go with a competitor's offering. Regardless of how successful you are in any given period of time, you generally start back from zero, for example, a new month, new quarter, new year, etc. So you can't rest on your past achievements. It requires being driven enough to push yourself so that you are successful every quarter/year.

3 pieces of advice for yourself when you were a student...

My first piece of advice would always ask “why?”. Question everything and always be curious. The shift from knowing the answers to asking the questions lets your curiosity shine and facilitates you figuring out the new. 

Second is say yes. Challenge yourself enough to struggle, it’s a good thing! Be comfortable being uncomfortable. Push past your depth – that’s where all growth happens. 

Finally, consistency is key. Consistency is the foundation that compounds to achieve your priorities and goals in life. Hold yourself accountable for committing to “consistency in action”.