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Preetinder Kaur

My day starts at 6 am every morning, but one could argue I am not completely awake until the first sips of my mother’s cup of tea. From then on, its game on from the sibling struggles of acquiring priority bathroom privileges to getting my opal card out in time for the bus driver. The 1-hour bus ride in the morning is the time to pen down what needs to be done today, and what priority everything takes. The Professional Services business is quite dynamic, things change really fast and the ability to manage and manoeuvre challenges plays a key role in your success.

VMware Preetinder Kaur 2

I usually reach office around 8:30, and as routine I would get a cup of coffee and go through my emails. In the sales side of the Services business we have territories or patches that are allocated to us, and every customer that falls into those territories is our responsibility to manage and ensure they achieve their intended outcome. Sometimes the relationship piece is hard-won, it’s easy to learn processes, but in order to execute and take deals to closure it's the right balance between, managing customer expectations, timeframes and being coherent with these processes at the same time.

VMware Preetinder Kaur 3

The best part of the graduate role is that you have support and mentors that you can shadow and learn from, at no point you feel as if all the pressure is on you. The VMware Sales Academy program is key in providing a platform where you can build skills that are required for your role and also get familiar with the new systems and processes. All new graduates enrol in this program in which they take 1 week of training, learning about the organisation’s focus, strategy and future goals. From my experiences in the past year, VSA has been a great initiative that has been a major contributing factor in our success.

As the day goes along I have calls with customers, to scope engagements, which is simply the process where we identify challenges that customers have and how VMware solutions can help in achieving the desired outcome. The process is similar to when university students sit with their lecturers to get guidance around what field they should choose and what job prospects are ahead. Customers also come with various questions and requirements, and my role is to gather all that information and describe what success looks like through VMware solutions.

Preetinder Kaur 4

This is the most crucial element of my role, and the remainder of the time goes into building the legal contracts known as Statements of Work for customers who purchase VMware Professional services.

It is not until around quarter to five, that I will begin to prepare for the next day, prepping a list of all the meetings that will need to be scheduled for tomorrow.

As I make my way back home, it’s time for yet another skim latte, courtesy of the Penny Blue café downstairs and while the ride home never surpasses anything more than a hazy blur especially as I drift in and out of sleep, when the train pulls up amidst the pastures of Schofield’s station, I know it within me that I can’t wait to be back tomorrow.

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