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Shihab Azkar

The Program has given me the opportunity to meet key people to the business and understand the scale of the business.

What does your job involve?

There are two major aspects to my job. Firstly, I have various projects that I manage. Most importantly, I’m working on a project to try and reduce the product waste in the Beverage Can Site.

In addition, I also assist with the maintenance and production requirements of the site.

Going back in time when you were at university, what three pieces of advice would you give yourself as a student?

  • Don’t wait till SWOT Vac to catch up on studies.
  • Have a better balance between the academic and social aspects of University.
  • Try to appreciate and enjoy the entire university experience.

What is your experience of the company culture?

Visy has a very supportive company culture. It has a very family feel to it, mainly due to the assistance freely offered by everyone which is very helpful.

What opportunities did the Visy Graduate Program provide you?

The Program has given me the opportunity to meet key people to the business and understand the scale of the business. It has also given me the opportunity to travel and visit the many sites Visy has to offer.

What attracted you to the Visy Graduate Program?

I did my final year internship with Visy, so I feel like it was a natural progression onto the graduate program.

What skills from your degree did you utilise in the Graduate Program?

My ability to learn and digest information quickly has been the most useful skill that I utilise every day. The ability to think on my feet and stay calm under pressure has also helped.

What have been the highlights of your Graduate Program experience thus far?

The opportunity to go and see the Visy trade show in Brisbane, which served as the perfect introduction to Visy.

In regards to my project, when I came up with a system to accurately account for, and loss of Beverage Cans along the manufacturing line.

What is your #1 tip for graduates thinking of applying for the Visy Graduate Program?

Interpersonal skills are almost as important as academic skills.

What do you enjoy most about working at Visy?

It’s not a repetitive role. There’s a fresh challenge to tackle everyday which keeps it very interesting.

What is your favourite part/most challenging aspect about working at Visy?

Trying to understand the details of the machines and the real world engineering assumptions that could either make or break any project.