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Trinity Woodman

7.30 AM

Woke up before my alarm this morning which is always a great way to start the day. I plan my work attire in my head before I go to sleep at night to save time in the morning.

After a breakfast of muesli and a relaxing read of my book, I leave for a quick walk to the train station. Mentally double checking before I leave the house: phone, wallet, keys, lunch, security pass.

Train station

9.00 AM

I get to the office and settle in for the day, checking for any outstanding emails from last night, and setting up my to do list for the day. I touch base with my team members and give them a heads up on any changes I made to my reports over night.

9.45 AM

Every morning at 9:45, for 15 minutes, all teams that are contributing to the state budget come together to communicate regarding any outcomes and process changes. I take note of anything specifically relevant to our team and report it back once I return to my desk.

10.30 AM

I had a meeting with members of other teams in the branch to communicate the details of new tool, one that will be able to streamline workflows.

Our team’s main stakeholders are the other teams in our branch and department. A core part of our work involves innovating and improving processes to support these relationships and improve work efficiency.


11.00 AM

I have a meeting this afternoon with other members of my Graduate Learning Project Team (GLT) so we can discuss our project presentation. To prepare for this meeting we’ve drafted slides about our sections of the project and sent them through to each other for review. I’ve adjusted my desk from sitting to standing while I work, since my legs are feeling a bit sore.


12.30 PM

I always try to go outside as part of my lunch break, either to eat or for a walk as it’s great to have a change of setting and some fresh air. I’ve also managed to make lots of friends from our large grad cohort, so lunch is a great way to catchup with people. Today I ate lunch in the park next to our building.

1.30 PM

One of the responsibilities I’ve been given since joining the team is to keep our data bank up to date and ready for use. This information feeds into a lot of our projects. It’s a relatively straight forward task, so it’s perfect for post lunch.

2.30 PM

I met with the other two members of my (GLT) to review the slides for our presentation. Each meeting we alternate who chairs, and today it’s my turn. As a group we went through the presentation, slide by slide, to refine the wording and discuss the speaking points for each person.


3.30 PM

Last night a team gave an informal presentation to the secretary (head) of the department. In our work pod today, they reported back on outcomes and the changes to be implemented, as requested by the secretary. I’ve found these report backs are a great way to learn about our senior leaders and the communication styles which work best when interacting with them.

4.00 PM

I implemented the changes outlined in our team debrief. It’s good to get these things done while they’re still fresh in your mind. I then answered a few more emails that had been building up over the afternoon of meetings.

4.30 PM

One of my team members taught me how to use a reporting system that the team regularly rely on. I’ve found through my rotations that each team will have little tasks and systems that are unique to their area. It’s good to get to know these early as they’re generally key components in the day to day workflow.

5.15 PM

While heading home on the train I bumped into a colleague who just moved onto the line. Once home I changed and had a quick chat with my housemates while they made dinner.

6.30 PM

I still play hockey with my university club, which involves two training sessions and one game each week. This a great way to stretch my legs after sitting down all day, helps to relieve stress and gives me a chance to socialise in another context outside of work.


9.00 PM

Finally home from training, and after some dinner and a quick shower it’s off to bed. Tomorrow’s outfit is hanging on the door, all ready.