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Transdev Australasia

  • 50,000 - 100,000 employees

Culture at Transdev Australasia

8.2 rating for Culture, based on 6 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
Friendly culture where staff are welcomed to approach and liaise with management staff.
Graduate, Brisbane
Everyone is very friendly to each other and there is always someone willing to chat. In my department, it is very professional; very little space for joking and socialising. This can get quite tense sometimes.
Graduate, Perth
good collaborative culture in the workplace few external activities such as run crew, and soccer Good outgoing and friendly employees
Graduate, Sydney
Great culture with many sports activities. It is a great opportunity to meet colleagues network with subcontractors and helps with inter-business cooperation. Outside of office there are many social events and family events. There is also a diversity and inclusion council which I participate in.
Graduate, Sydney
The company culture is very inclusive. Channels of communication with management are always open and your opinion is always taken into consideration.
Graduate, Sydney
The culture is very inclusive and supportive. I am co-chair of the Diversity & Inclusion council getting involved in many I participate in many activities outside of work. We have a run club and play soccer on Wednesday's at lunch time. We also have regular social events particularly after significant projects.
Graduate, Sydney