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Gabriel Joseph

5.40 AM

As I press snooze on my fourth alarm of the morning, I realise that I’ve either got to get up or put that summer body on hold for another year. Summer 2020, will be ready by then when Kayne is president. As it goes, I decide that the extra 30 minutes of sleep is worth it. I get changed, showered and am out the door to enjoy my one hour commute to the office.

8.00 AM

I get into the office and start my daily routine of turning on my computer, whilst making a double shot long black (By making I mean pushing a button on the coffee machine, not that difficult unless it says the filter needs to be changed, if that’s the case I’ll wait until later in the day for my caffeine fix). By the time my coffee is ready so is my computer, I’m all about the efficiencies.

Transdev Gabriel Joseph starting his daily routing of turning on his computer

8.05 AM

I start my work day by checking my emails and work in progress list so that I can plan my day. I decide which tasks to prioritise based on urgency and importance and see which ones I can extend the deadlines on. I also read up on the latest news events to ensure I am aware of any important occurrences.

8.40 AM

Just as I am about to start on my first task, my manager hits me up with an urgent issue regarding one of our Light Rail Vehicles and gives me a brief on what the issue is and what I am required to provide. I let him know of my current workload and my to do list which I spend the morning preparing and work together to reprioritise my tasks so that I can deal with this urgent issue.

Transdev Gabriel Joseph starting on his first task

9.00 AM

I head down to the depot where the Light Rail Vehicles are maintained and work with one of our subcontractors to work out the root cause of the issue. Coming for commercial/contractual background, I need the technical information “dumbed down” so that I can understand it, and recommunicate it with my manager. This process takes a while as I want to ensure I understand everything and ensure that our commercial position is not affected.

Transdev Gabriel Joseph heading down to the depot where the Light Rail Vehicles are maintained

11.00 AM

I write up a draft report for my manager to address the questions he mentioned earlier, whilst working out our commercial standpoint and potential options to best ensure the company is in the ideal position.

12.00 PM

I discuss my findings with my manager to bring him up to date with the issues and work together on plotting our next step.

Transdev Gabriel Joseph discussing his findings with this manager

12.30 PM

I grab a wrap from the local café and then head for a stroll around the harbour, which is great to clear the head and enjoy the sun and fresh air. A good break from a hectic morning.

1.30 PM

When I get back to the office, I finally have some time to go through some of the tasks I had planned earlier in the day. I put my headphones in and try and block out other distractions so I can get as much done, as to prevent any late nights later on.

Transdev Gabriel Joseph going through some other tasks

3.30 PM

Time for another coffee as my energy reserves are running low. Café or coffee machine? Tough question… I opt for the café this time, any excuse to enjoy the fresh air.

3.40 PM

When I get back from my second coffee of the day, I get a chance to respond to my emails and work through an ever growing list.

Transdev Gabriel Joseph back home