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Amy Jee

7.30 AM

I press snooze on my alarm, get out of bed and swiftly pull together an outfit for the day before heading out to catch my train to work.

8.40 AM

By this point, I am desperate for caffeine so I head over to the nearest café to order my regular flat white with one sugar. Satisfied with my coffee in hand, I settle down at my desk. I quickly check through my inbox and flag any tasks that have come through overnight.

Thomson Geer Amy Jee having her morning coffee

9.00 AM

My morning begins with a team meeting. At the meeting, we share about our weekends, digress to talk about families, food and hobbies before getting down to business. We discuss any important upcoming deals and advisory work. It gives us an opportunity to scope out what each of the team members have on and get an idea of everyone's capacity for the week. 

10.00 AM

I have a meeting with a senior associate in the team to discuss an ongoing deal we have been working on which is due for completion in a few weeks. Our client is acquiring a business and we need to prepare documents that are necessary to complete the acquisition.  Completion is the date when the purchase price for the business (including any associated assets) is paid and all legal titles transfer to the buyer.  I am instructed to prepare a legal sign-off letter, draft a complete checklist and liaise with our property team to have the property aspects of the acquisition ready for completion. I am also briefed by my partner on some research she needs me to help with, to advise a client on the voluntary winding-up process for a company under the Corporations Act.  She also asks me to prepare the first draft of the advice.

Thomson Geer Amy Jee preparing a legal sign-off letter

11.00 AM

Morning tea is on today for the Corporate team to celebrate a colleague's birthday. There is always a great selection at our morning teas from hot food to ricotta cheesecakes and chocolate cakes. I help myself to a slice and spend some time catching up with people before heading back to my desk and plugging away at the next task on the to-do list.

Thomson Geer Amy Jee having her morning tea

1.00 PM

The firm runs regular continuing professional development sessions and new lawyer training sessions over lunch.  Today there is new lawyer training on the topic of client service delivery. This is an essential skill as a corporate lawyer so I am keen to jot down some notes and engage in the discussion. New lawyer training sessions are a great avenue for experienced lawyers to offer practical insight on topics such as trusts, insolvency, personal reputation and negotiation skills to help juniors develop their skillsets as professionals.

Thomson Geer Amy Jee continuing professional development sessions and new lawyer training

2.15 PM

I have made some progress on the completion checklist. The checklist sets out the documents that need to be signed, items to be delivered and other steps to be taken to complete the acquisition of the business and transfer of the property relating to the business. By this time, I have also made a start on the research task my partner instructed me on. I work on these tasks throughout the rest of the afternoon.   

Thomson Geer Amy Jee completing her research task

5.00 PM

I do a last minute proof read of the draft completion checklist and email this to my senior associate for review. I am ready to do a quick sanity check of the draft email to the client advising on the voluntary winding up before sending it to my partner for review and comments.

6.30 PM

Before heading home for the night, I clean out my inbox, finish entering in my time for the day, cross out all the tasks I have completed from my list and draw up a fresh to-do list for tomorrow. I check up with some of the lawyers in the team to see if they need any assistance.

Thomson Geer Amy Jee checking in with other lawyers who needs help  

7.30 PM

Dinner time! I spend time with my family and we catch up over dinner about our day and what's ahead for the week. To wind down, I make a cup of tea and scroll through my emails, reply to my text messages and watch some Netflix.

11.00 PM

I set my alarm for the morning and slide into bed to do it all again tomorrow!