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  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

Richard Lack

The grad program will not only develop you to become more confident, knowledgeable and give you rare experiences but will define your character and personal brand.

What have been the highlights of the graduate program?

In 2014, Stockland announced its re-entry into the Apartments & Mixed Use Residential sector. This position has involved the start-up and implementation of Stockland’s growth strategy, a combination of the redeveloping existing assets and the acquisition of new sites.  The role requires sound analytical and financial capabilities alongside strong influencing skills, presenting to a wide and diverse audience to provide recommendations and advice for various projects and new opportunities.

Key highlights:

  • Highest and Better Use asset analysis and presentation to Executive team of concept designs, rezoning strategies, sales and market analysis, feasibilities and project budgets to assess the redevelopment of existing assets;
  • Merrylands Court mixed use development – support on the design and development stage of Stockland’s first re-entry project into apartments and mixed use sector;
  • CARE Foundation (Stockland’s Charity Foundation) co-ordinator – preparation and management of Group wide charity events (Fun Run, Game of Floors) including idea generation, budgeting, risk assessments, and presentation to the Executive team;
  • Strategic and operational support to new business ventures;
  • Ad hoc research and analytical support to senior management team;
  • Founder Stockland Cycling Society – Tour De PIF 2016 raising up to $3,000; and
  • Manager, Player & Captain Stockland’s Basketball Team – 2016 Winter Champions.

Why Stockland?

Looking at Stockland as a university student, I heard amazing things about the culture, values and prestige Stockland had. My lectures promoted various grad opportunities all of which sound great, however it was every time they mentioned Stockland, that they said “this is the one to go for”. Now being at Stockland for over a year and a half, I can agree with all the statements about culture, values and prestige. Stockland really does ‘create better a place to live’

What does a typical day as a grad involve?

As a successful graduate at Stockland, you will have opportunities to learn and work alongside great leaders of the industry including being mentored by industry leading senior managers; partake in constructive meetings, take on valuable responsibilities to contribute to such a large organisation; and present a new business case to the Executive Committee.  The grad program will not only develop you to become more confident, knowledgeable and give you rare experiences but will define your character and personal brand.

Tell me a bit about your rotations and training and development opportunities

My role involved rotating throughout Stockland’s core business functions, shadowing and assisting senior managers in day-to-day tasks.  The position enabled me to attend CEO meetings and discover what is involved to become a property leader and make viable commercial decisions.  The rotations enabled me to learn from different management styles and be supported by a mentor.  Throughout my time at Stockland, I have also been able to develop skills and fundamentals for day to day business life through multiple sessions facilitated by Milan Partners.

What are some of the social aspects of the program?

Stockland support a range of social sports including basketball, touch, soccer, netball and cycling teams. There are also great chances to get involved in volunteering.  Stockland has two major charity partners and holds regular fundraising events for all employees to participate.  These may include being a part of Stockland’s Dragon Boat Team, Stockland’s CARE Charity Foundation and the ABCN mentoring program. Along with these initiates, Stockland also knows how to celebrate success.  Monthly staff drinks provide the opportunity for all staff to gather and recognise the past month as well as just catching up with peers.