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Maxwell Laws

The key highlight of my graduate program has been the chance to work on Stockland’s multi-million dollar website redesign.

What have been the highlights of the graduate program?

The key highlight of my graduate program has been the chance to work on Stockland’s multi-million dollar website redesign. This project has allowed Stockland to communicate to customers in a range of new ways that the company couldn’t do even several years ago. My work has been mainly around developing the content the customers looks for when they come to the site and helping the teams across Australia deliver a superior customer experience to our customers. This is particularly important in a time where Internet research is a core part of the home buying and shopping process.

Why Stockland?

I wanted to apply for Stockland’s graduate program because of the strong values, culture and purpose it displayed. Stockland understands that, at a fundamental level, property developers have the ability to create communities that improve and enrich the lives of Australia. To work for the company with such a focus, and that is so willing to reward employees for contributing to their communities, is a fantastic experience.

What does a typical day as a grad involve?

My day usually starts with grabbing some free fruit that Stockland provides. That’s usually followed by attending the daily stand-up meeting, where I give and receive updates regarding the Stockland website. A typical day from there is communicating and meeting with Stockland employees and marketing agencies in Sydney and across Australia to deliver the marketing activities and analysis that is key to Stockland’s overall marketing strategy.

Tell me a bit about your rotations and training and development opportunities

My rotations are still ongoing. My first rotation was with the Brand Communications team, which use marketing campaigns to communicate with residential, retirement living and retail customers, or sometimes all three at once. Currently, I’m with the Marketing Data Platforms and Technology, which is a new team that really shows the future of marketing. With this team, I help implement and use the technology and applications that allow Stockland to bring their marketing to new levels.

What are some of the social aspects of the program?

Stockland employees love a good party. Stockland, in particular our marketing teams, offer a great range of ways to meet new people and other employees. Events like organised morning teas, evening drinks, volunteering days, lunchtime sport, employee roadshows, baking clubs and more are always happening. Outside of these, if there’s a new restaurant or café opening nearby, my Stockland colleagues are always up for a lunchtime taste test.

What is your one tip for a graduate applying for a graduate role?

Prepare for your interview(s) like you would a test. Be willing to get really reflective and consider what events and experiences in your life demonstrate why you would make a good employee. The more examples the better, but it’s still very easy to struggle to remember the specifics when on the spot. So make sure to make a list of key moments and keep them front of mind. Also be willing to toss some personality in with the interview. Questions like ‘What are your hobbies’ are almost as important as questions like ‘What is your experience in XYZ’ as interviewers are making sure you could be interesting and positive colleague, as well as a good worker.