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Aisha Jabeen

The best part of being an employee at Stockland for me as a Graduate has been the flexibility that has been provided in all aspects of the program and my day to day roles.

What has been the highlights of the Graduate program?

There have been various highlights in the Graduate program, however if I were to pick one, it would be the exposure that we as Graduates receive to Senior Management. I have had the opportunity to work on some important, insightful and challenging projects, wherein my experience and opinions have been received as a young professional. Where I have been involved in a specific project, I have been given the opportunity to present my work to both Senior internal and external stakeholders, through the support of my Senior Managers. This can be daunting at first, however also made me feel like a trusted and valued member of the team.

What does a typical day as a Graduate at Stockland involve?

During my time so far at Stockland, I have had various rotations in the Commercial Property business, which means my “typical day” is ever-changing with the teams I am working in. In my last rotation as a Property Manager in the Business Parks team, my usual day in Head Office began by getting into the office by 8.30am, checking my emails and looking out for anything that urgently needed to be addressed in regards to the properties. The rest of my days are spent either in meetings with the overall Logistics and Business Parks team, or other facets of the business we deal with ( e.g. Project Management, Finance, Group Operations & Risk). I also spent 2 days a week out at our Macquarie Park Office. My typical day on site would involve getting into the office before 8am, checking my emails followed by doing a walk of the assets/properties. The rest of the day will be split into meeting with tenants who are leasing space in our buildings, meeting with contractors who are undertaking work on the properties and address the day to day Property Manager duties.

Tell me about your rotations (if applicable) and the training and development opportunities?

I have had the opportunity to rotate through various functions in the Commercial Property Business. To date I have rotated in Retail Asset Management, Project Management, Group Legal, Logistics and Business Parks and am currently rotating in our Retail Leasing team. The training and development that I have gained from each of these rotations has been so important in understanding the overall operations of the Commercial Property business at Stockland.

By rotating in such different parts of the business, I have gained an overall 360 degree view of the role each function holds in the Commercial Property business. This has allowed me to work in such different capacities permitting me to use the knowledge I already have, however also challenging me to build on both my soft and technical skills along the way e.g. In my role as a Property Manager I assisted the Procurement team in rolling out our Minor Facilities Management Contracts (using my prior knowledge), however I also built on my excel and financial skills, whilst learning to use new systems for Budgeting and Forecasting periods.

In addition to enhancing my personal development, rotating through the business has allowed me to network and build strong relationships with various people not only in Commercial Property, but Stockland as a whole.

What has been the best part of being an employee of Stockland?

The best part of being an employee at Stockland for me as a Graduate has been the flexibility that has been provided in all aspects of the program and my day to day roles. Flexibility is interpreted differently across different teams, however I have observed a level of flexibility in each team that I have been a part of. Whether this has been in the form of working from home on a day where I have a doctor’s appointment, being able to come in early and leave early due to personal commitments or having the ability to move across teams/projects for new opportunities.

What’s been your #gradgoal that you have achieved since being on the program?

A personal Graduate Goal of mine has been to confidently be able to present to Senior Management in the business by enhancing my presentation skills, and being involved in a project where I am responsible and accountable. I am proud to have had the opportunity to been involved in a few projects that have given me the opportunity to prepare and present to the Commercial Leadership Team (CLT), which consists of the CEO of Commercial Property and all the various General Managers within the Commercial Property business. These projects have not only enhanced my presentation skills, but have also allowed me to accountable and responsible on a project, challenging me along the way.

What advice do you have for students making an application for the Stockland Graduate Program?

My advice to future applicants would be that you be genuine. Answer the questions honestly, as this will allow Managers hiring you to get an idea of who you are and what kind of roles are suitable for yourself. Do some research on the business unit/part of the company you are interested in and are looking to secure a role in, as this is what will distinguish you from other applicants; and I would highly recommend understanding the values of the business and how they tie in with your personal values. All the best !