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Shantanu Datta

The work and excellent work environment mean we are constantly motivated to perform and produce great results in the process.

What did you study?

Before embarking on the graduate role with SAS, I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce in the fields of Accounting & Finance. I had an opportunity to consolidate this knowledge by completing the Honours program under the guidance of my supervisor.

This is where I developed an interest in business analytics and decided to pursue a Master’s in Business Information Systems professional majoring in Business Intelligence at Monash University, which I completed in 2015.

Why were you excited to join SAS?

SAS has been the market leader in analytics by providing solutions to clients from diverse business backgrounds, including top Fortune 100 companies. For this reason, SAS also encourages applicants from diverse range of academic backgrounds.

Having studied in somewhat distinct fields of Commerce and Information Technology, I felt that being at SAS provided me the ideal opportunity to utilize my skills to their full potential and contribute by working towards solutions using the latest cutting edge technologies.

The growth, knowledge and exposure I could attain in the process excited me the most about joining SAS.

What excites you about the year ahead and why are you proud to be a SAS grad?

Many applicants joining graduate programs will be making a transition from academic to a full time working environment for the first time, so for me this upcoming year is one which is full of excitement.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of it is the rotation program, which prepares us to reach a high level of professionalism in all three aspects of direct customer interactions, being technical support, consulting and pre-sales. This way, we are building on knowledge from previous rotations whilst preparing for the next rotation.

The thought of developing my skill sets with the knowledge and experience I will gain from the rotation process perhaps excites me the most about the year ahead and makes me proud to be a SAS grad.

What are the best aspects of your job?

The best aspect of my job would definitely be the working environment and the actual work itself.

SAS’ philosophy of taking incentives to keep their employees happy has seen it stay on top of the “Great Place to Work” list consistently. This is complimented by the dynamic nature of working with analytics with the latest technology, which means the mind is constantly stimulated by working towards finding new solutions.

The work and excellent work environment mean we are constantly motivated to perform and produce great results in the process.